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Dear readers: Salute!

Welcome, Bienvenue amachomie nevekuhakama!

I am so chuffed that you find/found time in your busy lives to visit me and listen to my all sorts ramblings.

Today I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your love and support in the form of a letter poem.

I am yours

Sitting here on my imaginary throne of artistic prowess
I'm wondering, how did I get here?
Yesterday I had no presence
Today I'm in a sea of praises
How is it that I'm here
Dancing in the colors of my work
I'm pondering, what drove me here?
Inspirational people around me
Cheerleaders cheering me on
I know it's you who got me here
Flying high like I believed I would
I'm surrendering, all to thee who got me here
He who sent you out my way
To give me that much needed push
To get me here
Destiny helper I see you
I'm rejoicing, thankful
You took time to UpliftASister
Your presence is all I ever prayed for
I'm here...

... but for you to use as your mouthpiece
I'm yours

Day 29 – #WinterABC, #UpliftASister. It’s been really!

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